[ Frank ] GNEO 972 (a.k.a. "Frank") Goes to School! The following article is from the Westerville City Schools Web site (Westerville, Ohio) ----Racing pigeon hobbyist Don Campbell released 100 birds in Sunbury on Monday, August 31. The "homers," selectively bred to find their way home over extremely long distances, were in training - and were supposed to return 100 miles to Lakewood, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Many of them (33) haven't made it back yet, but the whereabouts of one is well known at Fouse Elementary School. One of the lost homing pigeons made his presence known, to the delight of young students, by pecking on several classroom windows. He managed to get into the cafeteria for a short while as children exited the building for recess, and was eventually seen again walking into Fouse with a line of first-time kindergarten students on September 2. The persistent bird then flew into Principal Brian Orrenmaa’s office, where he perched on a wall-mounted diploma. Orrenmaa noticed the bird was banded and through an e-mail search and a series of phone calls, he was eventually able to contact his grateful owner. The bird was caged, fed, and named "Frank" by school clerk Teri Cornell. He enjoyed celebrity status by Fouse’s 700+ students, until he finally made it back home to his loft in Lakewood - via automobile.

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