[ GNEO 2004 Winner! ] Jack Yohe Wins 2004 GNEO Race--2004 was the eighth year for the Greater Akron Racers Club's 300-mile GNEO format of guaranteed prizes-open to all Ohio flyers over 255 miles from Freedom, IN. In 2004, 103 in-area lofts shipped 977 birds, with top prizes of $5,000 - $2,000 - $1,000, and paid out to 100 places. An additional $2,000 was paid to the first Auction bird and the Auction prizes paid out to 25 places. First prize overall and First Auction Bird goes to Jack Yohe in 2004. Jack clocked ARPU-6901 at 3:12 PM to fly 324.410 miles at a speed of 1532 YPM. Jack also clocked ARPU-6902 at 3:17 PM to win 4th overall and second auction! Congratulations Jack on a Great Race! Second prize goes to Al Mills clocking ARPU-13153 at 3:03 PM, flying 314.405 miles at a speed of 1523. Third prize goes to Benny Gelb clocking ARPU-13529 at 3:20 PM, flying 328.530 miles at a speed of 1521 YPM. more