In 1996 the SBMF Race was flown under a new format sponsored by the Akron, Oh. Flyers / Clubs.
All Ohio flyers could enter the race if they flew over 255 miles from the release point at Cloverdale, In.
The 1997 race continued this successful open format.
	In 1998 the race will continue the same format with a new name - >
	           The Greater North East Ohio Futurity Race. 
	Prizes will remain $2500.00 for first place, $1500.00 for second place, and $1000.00 for third place,
and these prizes are guaranteed. The 1997 race paid out to 30 places. One (1) out of every seven (7) birds
entered in the race collected prize money.
	In 1998 a new Auction Bird feature will be added to the race. Auction bird moneys (over $10 entry)
will go to Auction bird winners with prizes based on entries. In area lofts will be limited to Two (2)
auction bird entries to give all local and out of area lofts a chance to enter Auction birds
(74 area lofts bought bands in 1997).
	The 1997 race was flown on Oct. 4th under the watchful eye of Race Secretary / Liberator Pat Quilter.
233 birds from 47 lofts were released at 8:45 A.M. under a clear sky with light WSW winds.
The weather remained good on the route home with SW winds picking up to 10 - 20 miles per hour.

	Congratulations to the winner, Bob Rostocil of Hinckley, Ohio. Bobís bird, 97-X-2625 Bl. Ch. Wft. Hen
was clocked in at 2:01 by son Robert. # 2625 flew 291 miles at a speed of 1618.5 y.p.m.
She is a Meulman / Jan Arden cross from birds originating at Frank Rostocils. Frank flies in Cleveland
against good competition from his sons Bob and Joe. In 1996 Frank was 4th and Joe 10th in this race.
#2625 previously showed her worth being 1st to the loft several times. She won mated to a dropper and
was shipped with a 3 week old baby in the nest.
	Bob Rostocil is no stranger to the winners circle in North East Ohio classic races.
In 1995 he won first Cleveland section and first Overall in the big 500 mile OHIO-PENN Federation Race.
Due to his work schedule, his family is a very important part of his racing success. Son Robert clocked
in #2625 while Bob was at work, and his daughter clocked in the winner of the Federation 500.

	Second and Third places went to Jack Yohe of Kent, Oh. Clocked second was #2815, Bl. Ch. Hen.
She was bred by Lou Coletta of Antioch, Ca. Her sire is inbred to #2778 from Campbell Strange.
Her dam is a Van Loon from Campbell Strange. Clocked third was #2442 Silver cock. He was bred by
Matt Moceri of Gloucester, Ma. His sire is a Van Houtte from John Sampson. His dam is from his family of
Red Janssens down from Piet DeWeerd birds. #2815 & #2442 were a mated pair on 10 day eggs.
	Jack Yohe has been an outstanding flyer since he started in 1991. A few of his successes include:
Buckeye Combine O.B. Bird of Year in 1993, 1994, and 1995.
Buckeye Combine Champion Loft Old & Y/B 1995. Y/B Champion Bird 1995.
Champion Loft in the Akron Concourse 1996.  95% of Jackís birdís come from Campbell Strange.

	Fourth place went to #2757 Pen. Ch. Bred and flown by Moí Money Loft.
#2757 is a Van Reet, bred by Ray Magno. The parents are a pair from Frank McLaughlin of Hanson, Ma.
The pencil check was flown to the perch. Ray & Carol Magno are the proud owners of Moí Money Loft.
This is only their second full year of flying and they already are a tough loft to beat. In OBís
Akron Concourse, Moí Money was 1st in two 150 mile races and won the 300 mile Special.
Also 2nd OB and YB average speed and 1st overall average speed.

	The following flyers round out the top 10 positions:
		5th	Tony Conti	Ashtabula
		6th	Jim Schaberl  Cleveland
		7th	Pat Quilter 	Akron
		8th	Mike Gima	Cleveland
		9th	Arrow Loft - Harry Boos    Akron
		10th	John Schneider	Alliance

	Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to all who entered and flew in 1997.
Your wonderful response to the new format means the 1998 GNEO race will be bigger and better.
					Yours in the Sport!
								Harry Boos