Tom Tomer

First Place 2008 GNEO Race

It all began in 1989. The Flushing Racing Pigeon Club was formed, credit for the formation of the Club goes to my brother, George Tomer

George gave all five club members birds. He shorted himself of birds that year so we could race. He also went out of his way to find us all clocks. Thank You Brother!

Our first year of racing, we did not belong to a Combine. In fact, we did not have airline surveys. We simply allowed the longer guys more time to get a pigeon and we had a ball.

The second year, we joined the Penn - Ohio Combine . What a great bunch of people! For many years, on the Combine, we would get beat by 200 - 300 ypm. I had a lot to learn, and over the years I gradually got better.

About five or six years ago, something happened. I started to spend TIME with my pigeons. I cleaned the loft every day, made sure they had fresh grit, fresh water and a good health program. There are many to choose from. If you want to become a better pigeon flyer, find one that works for you and stick with it!

Supplements are also very important. I believe minerals are one of the most important things you can give your pigeons!

To become a consistent pigeon flyer, you must learn to become a good pigeon handler. Do not treat them like soldriers. On training days, don't have the attitude that everyone must go. They are individuals, some need more training than others. I am a very hard trainer, but I catch my pigeons in the dark and I go by how the body feels. If the bird feels a little thin, I put him back on the perch and go on to the next one. One day I may train sixty five birds and the next day only forty. It changes from day to day.

Here is where time pays off big: When I feed, I dont go in the loft throw feed in the feeder and leave. This is where I like to spend time with my pigeons. I go into the loft with my lawn chair and spend an hour to an hour & a half with my birds. I feed on the floor so that I can watch them eat. A pigeon will talk to you in many ways if you just listen to them. They will tell you what they want & what they need.!

With my feeding,I start with a good conditioner mix. This is during racing season. I also have cans in my bucket with separate grains in them. I throw a big hadful of feed on the floor & watch. If they grab all the corn first & lets say the peas last, then they are telling me We need more corn today & less peas. And this may be completely different tomorrow.

When feeding is done, I grab my big mug of coffee, relax in my chair & observe. If I see a cock bird calling his hen then I know he wants a nest bowl right here. I go get him one. I dont care if it is in my road or not: What is important is that he is now a Happy Camper!

They also tell me when they need a bath, straw, or anything else during this hour.

As far as winning races, I never won a race in my life. I dont fly the race: The pigeons do! I do what I can for them and on shipping night, I load them up & wish them good luck.

Good Luck to Every one in the sport.


Here are some of my previous race results: